VIT-LPR-Parking-16 NUUO 16 Licenses for VIT LPR Parking Software for Main Console

We use a variety of vehicle detection technology to properly detect incoming and outgoing vehicles, and detect vehicles regardless of a visible license plate. Carpool permits that allow one of several people to park on campus at a time when they carpool at least three days a week are available at the TAPS office. License plates will be stored for no longer than 60 days, unless it is involved in a citation, open appeal case, or law enforcement ongoing investigation or to be used as evidence by a law enforcement agency. Data stored for longer will be anonymized, aggregated and used for various analytics. The current length of stay for a vehicle, the average length of stay over a given time period, and how often the vehicle visits the parking facility. lpr parking solutions notify you of problematic vehicles, such as those that have remained parked too long.
Parkxper System brings you the best service and highest security. Our License Plate Recognition technology clearly and precisely identifies the license plate number and records arrival or departure time of the vehicle. The system not only logs the vehicle’s arrival and departure time but also with images for fee calculation and evidence use. All individuals parking on campus should pull forward into the stall OR purchase a front license plate from the Parking Services Office at a cost of $6.
To avoid being cited in error we recommend only listing your vehicle under your own parking permission. We may share your personal information outside the University as required by law, order of governmental authority, or court order. Indefinitely for plates where a citation is issued, or until the data is purged.
On occasion when the equipment does fail to operate properly, both Tannery and your support team will receive an email or SMS text alert. Eliminate plastic permits production – manufacturing impacts such as fossil fuels, carbon footprint of factory/facilities. No plastic permit to lose, forget, or move from vehicle to vehicle. Simplify/streamline the annual renewal process – no extra trips to pick up permit, no concerns with lost/stolen mail, no waiting in line, and no extended processing time.
This allows you to assess the validity of any damage claims. It does this via omniQ’s vehicle recognition system , which captures data about the entire vehicle, not just the license plate. NUUO LPR solution connects surveillance videos with 3rd party license plate recognition solutions . The mobile LPR system compares license plate reads against approved vehicle lists (e.g., permit holders) and restricted vehicle lists (e.g., vehicles registered as stolen).